Wholesale Chocolate

Wholesale Chocolate

Are you interested in selling Míšina čokoláda? Our range includes a large variety of products, so you can choose exactly what will sell well in your store or café. We offer dark, milk, and white chocolate as well as chocolate spread, hot chocolate, nuts and dates in chocolate and other seasonal products. We also sell sugarfree products and Czech collection with Czech fruit.

We offer wholesale prices.

We provide a personalized approach to each customer and recommend the best chocolate. We send samples. 

We are happy to answer any questions. We know everything about chocolate. We're more than happy to explain why Míšina čokoláda is exceptional and what awards it has won internationally.

Just send an email to misinacokolada@seznam.cz or info@misinacokolada.cz.

737 691 175

733 488 390

We look forward to working with you!

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