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Míšina čokoláda

Míšina čokoláda is a Czech chocolate manufacture founded by Michaela Dohnálková in 2015. 

Michaela is a true chocoholic: "I have loved chocolate all my life.  Wherever I went, I used to buy chocolates and chocolate bars and try new flavours. When I tasted my first bean-to-bar chocolate in Ireland, it was a real eye-opener. I discovered that chocolate can be more than just sweet or bitter; it can contain a lot of flavour tones - much like wine or artisan coffee. This experience with real bean-to-bar chocolate stayed with me and in 2015 I started making my own chocolate."

We produce all our chocolate directly from cocoa beans using the bean-to-bar method. We select and import the finest cocoa beans and process them gently to preserve their unique flavour tones. We respect nature, sustainability, and fair prices for farmers.

Míšina čokoláda has won numerous awards over the years. Our SAMETOVÁ (VELVET) chocolate was made for the occassion of the Czech Velvet Revolution 30th anniversary. It won 3 stars in the prestigious Great Taste Awards in England, becoming the only Czech chocolate to ever receive this accolade in the history of the competition. Our chocolate bars Tanzania 100%, Madagascar 58.5% with Czech blueberries, and Vietnam 70% are the only Czech chocolates to have won a gold medal in the prestigious Academy of Chocolate Awards in England.

Our main product is chocolate bars. Other products include chocolate spreads, hot chocolate, dates and nuts in chocolate, and granola. We have a range of sugarfree products as well as Czech collection with Czech fruit. Míša's Chocolate is always gluten-free, without lecithins, colorings, and vegetable oils. Our production process also ensures a long  shelf life of up to 1.5 year. 

We also produce corporate chocolates and custom made chocolates. For wholesale you can contact us via email or phone. We organize chocolate tasting events both in Czech and English.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Míšina čokoláda 

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